The Raincoat Made Smarter

What makes APA one of a kind?

The ĀPA raincoat borrows technologies and fabrics from the world of extreme sports (think skiing, surfing, and mountain expeditions!), then combines them with minimalist designs, impeccable details and an irreverent urban energy. The result? A breathable, adaptable, stylish raincoat that protects you from every kind of weather.


ĀPA, is crafted with cutting edge 3L nano-tech fabric by Schoeller® Switzerland: nanoparticles form a fine structure (similar to the surface of a leaf) where water, oil, and dirt simply roll off the coat.


ĀPA is equipped with a revolutionary membrane that adjusts the coat’s temperature and breathability to your changing surroundings. When cold the fibers contract to increase heat retention, and expand when hot to allow you to breathe

Tech Features

When it comes to design and performance, we consider every inch of our coats.

Climate-Shell Lining

On the inside, you’ll find not one, not two, but three layers of lining, each meticulously designed for breathability, moisture absorption, and heat retention.

Noso Taped Seams

The stitching is waterproofed with taped seams, for extra protection and durability.

Super Lightweight Construction

And when you put on an APA, you’ll immediately notice how lightweight it is, making it a super packable piece to throw in your tote or over your shoulder on your way out the door.

Can’t get enough?

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