The Next Generation of Rainwear

APA Tech

Experts in Unpredictable Weather

Originally developed for Olympic Athletes and now brought by APA to the urban lifestyle, our raincoat combines some of today cutting edge performance technologies to keep you dry and comfortable through the changing weather

3L Extreme Weather Waterproofing | Nano-Tech Water Repellency | Temperature Adaptive Membrane | Super Breathable Lining | Moisture Absorbent Interlining | Noso Taped Seams | Super Lightweight Materials | Five Thoughtful Pockets | Adaptable Design

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ĀPA, is crafted with cutting edge 3L nano-tech fabric by Schoeller® Switzerland: nanoparticles form a fine structure (similar to the surface of a leaf) where water, oil, and dirt simply roll off the coat.


ĀPA is equipped with a revolutionary membrane that adjusts the coat’s temperature and breathability to your changing surroundings. When cold the fibers contract to increase heat retention, and expand when hot to allow you to breathe

Noso® Taped seams

The coat’s stitching is reinforced with durable waterproof taping, for complete protection and increased durability.

Climate-Shell™ Lining

APA includes three specialized layers layers of lining and interlining: for (1) breathability, (2) moisture absorbent, and (3) heat retention, which provide you with a perfect balance of warmth and comfort.

Super Lightweight Construction

Our Raincoat are made from super lightweight fabrics and materials. On average they weight less than 700 Gram. It makes them super easy to pack and your perfect companion for the unpredictable weather.

Smart Functionality

Adjustable waist, wrists, and hood for active situations; removable belt and hood for a sharper look,

Five Thoughtful Pockets

five specialized pockets – two outer pockets, three inside pockets – to carry everything from iPad and sunglasses, to travel documents — plus an additional earphone buckle for sporty activities.